Want to know more about Grindking?

Garth Urquhart, the director of GrindKing has been specialising in polished concrete for over 15 years. He started out working under Gary Campbell, who is considered to be one of the pioneers of polished concrete in New Zealand. Garth learnt the essentials of the trade under Gary’s careful eye, before founding GrindKing.

Fast forward a decade, with a few lessons learnt along the way and over several hundred thousand m2’s of polished concrete under their belt, Grind King now consists of a highly experienced team of 11 employees.

Between them they have comprehensive experience across all areas of concrete grinding, polishing and sealing. GrindKing is well equipped with the latest industry leading machinery and has the manpower to take on jobs of any scale. So whether it be a high end residential or a mammoth warehouse floor you’re after, GrindKing can help you out.