If building a new warehouse or factory we can offer very economical options to protect the concrete floor. We can offer finishes that purely just dust proof and harden the concrete or we can offer highly polished finishes that have ample reflection and are extremely durable at very competitive prices.


Dust proofing is the process of densifying and burnishing. By doing this process the concrete is dust-proofed and is hardened by 45%.


This finish is widely used in packhouses, cool-stores, supermarkets, air craft hangars, air port terminals etc. The major benefits of this process being that due to the reflectivity of the polished surface, the amount of lighting required can be reduced as much as 50%.
Polishing a commercial floor consists of applying a densifier to harden the concrete and polishing the concrete to create an extremely durable and reflective floor. Polished concrete is a far superior finish for heavy traffic facilities as oppose to epoxies, paints and virtually any floor covering. When combining good quality concrete and then polishing it you will get a surface that is near bullet proof, looks great and will last a lifetime.

Grinding & Polishing

This finish is typically used on existing floors that may be badly damaged or already covered with various products such as paint, glue, epoxy, tile-adhesives etc.
The concrete is first ground to eliminate any damaged or unwanted products from the surface exposing the good concrete underneath. A densifier is then applied to harden the concrete before finally being polished.

Bush Hammering

Bush Hammering is a superior alternative when creating dust free non slip areas. It’s simply a case of doing something right the first time, then never having to worry about it again. Some of the biggest advantages we see with Bush Hammering over other anti slip finishes is the fact that we are not relying on topical grits, flooring coverings or toppings for grip. There is nothing that can wear off or lift over time, we are taking an already stable substrate, working with it and improving both the surface and it's life span. Not to mention making it look fantastic. Bush Hammering truly is the perfect solution for so many different situations as it looks great, works great and is long lasting.