Eastpack Te Puke

Eastpack was having major trouble with their truck corridors been slippery when wet. The forklifts were sliding around when trying to load the trucks and they actually had an accident where a forklift driver slide into a truck and broke his arm. This prompted Eastpack to look into a solution to give the concrete some grip.

No coating were good enough due to the extremely heavy environment. They have truck after truck getting load all day long and multiple fork lifts working all the time so a coating just cannot stand up to that sort of traffic.

They explored the option of sandblasting to give the concrete some texture but sandblasting was just going to be far to messy so they contacted Grindking to see what we could offer. We did a sample of a medium bush hammer finish and they loved it so they gave us the go ahead to complete their 2000m2 truck loading corridor.

After one season of using the bush hammered surface they are that impressed and happy with it that they have gotten us to complete another 3000m2 some of which consisted of full interior situations like into their cool stores. There is talk of more area been done as the bush hammered surface is preofroming exceptionally well and has ticked off a huge health and safety issue for them.

Finish was a medium bush hammer texture and c2 super hard densifier.