Interior Finishes

We have four main interior finishes: natural polished, salt & pepper exposure, light exposure and medium exposure. All our interior polished floors are densified to harden the concrete by 45%, polished to the desired level of shine, a stain guard is applied and finally burnished. This combination provides a floor that has good stain resistance and is extremely durable.


Natural Polished

Natural polished concrete is our most cost effective finish as there is no grinding involved in the process.
With this finish you get a natural concrete look with a mottled/marbilised effect.


Salt & Pepper Exposure

Salt & pepper exposure is a cross between natural polished and a light exposure.
You will also get some of the mottled effect showing through together with extremely fine stones.
This finish seems to be becoming more popular with architects and designers.


Light Exposure

Light exposure is achieved using a different method of grinding, our aim is to expose slightly bigger stones
than the salt & pepper exposure. Due to the grinding depth, the stone exposure in this finish is often quite varied.


Medium Exposure

Medium exposure is achieved by grinding a lot deeper into the concrete exposing the larger sized stones,
thus resulting in a more consistent exposure of stone.