Miles Lane Residential

Our client in Miles Lane had 1600m2 of concrete placed around their property which included areas around a pool, multiple patios, large driveways, vege gardens and horse stable.

They had a really bad case of “Pinto”, a reaction in the surface of concrete which looks very unsightly. They tried acid washing to minimize the pinto effect but it only made it worse as it turned the surface of the concrete orange.

We did a Medium stone exposure, fine bush hammer texture and sealed the concrete with a clear concrete sealer to enhance the color and protect the surface staining and deteriorating.

The only other solution for the client was to rip all the concrete out and re lay it all but this would come with various problems.

  1. The cost would be 3 times the cost of bush hammering
  2. It would be much more disruptive
  3. They ran the risk of the pinto effect happening again
  4. They would have had plain concrete where now they have a decorative finish that will last better
  5. They have a safer surface due to the grip of the bush hammered finish.