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Permanent Floor Safety Signage

Using our portable CNC machine we can engrave concrete or asphalt with your supplied design or a safety compliant symbol/message.

This can then be painted with the standard safety paint or filled with glow in the dark resin by us if required.

  • Reduces maintenance of painting safety signs on concrete & asphalt
  • Paint sits below top of surface so less wear and tear
  • Can be filled with coloured resins internally
  • Glow in the dark filled resin available for internal signage – up to 12 hour glow time

Residential Interior

Providing beautiful, easy to clean area’s that often work so well as a complimentary natural material with other interior elements like timber panel, carpets, rugs and plant life. read more

Residential Exterior

The superior exterior , we can provide a variety of textures from fine, through to medium and course. read more

Commercial Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is a far superior finish for heavy traffic facilities as oppose to epoxies, paints and virtually any floor covering. read more

Concrete Engraving

We can do any design at any size on almost any material.Our machines are portable so we have the ability to get into tight areas, high area’s, vertical or horizontal. read more