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Why decorative concrete finish?

Concrete is one of the most durable surfaces for family homes, and by mechanically refining the surface through preperation, densifying, grinding or polishing, we can give this already durable and aesthetically appealing surface a whole new level of long lasting beauty and functionality.

Concrete often outperforms other flooring options such as wood and carpet in regard to price, and most definitely outperforms Wood and Carpet flooring options in regard to length of time before maintenance or replacement is required.

Concrete as a home surface is also much more user friendly in regard to overall cleanliness and the deletion of dust particles, with an approach to flooring that is as minimalist as it can be, with no layers / timber joint’s for dust to settle into.
Timber and more so carpet will retain dust and mites making for a less clean environment than a simple, and beautifully finished concrete surface from Grindking.

With different specified processes, a ground or polished concrete flooring solution can be tailored to specifically fit your requirement, be it aesthetic, flatness, gloss or price.

The Grindking team have a combined experience of more than 40 years, and the expertise in regard to Concrete preperation, grind and polish – is second to none.

Grindking has been specialising in polished concrete since 2003. Beginning with a small crew, We have now expanded to have a sizeable team and are known as the leading concrete grinding company in the Bay Of Plenty.

This growth has meant our capabilities have expanded from residential properties to large scale commercial projects such as extensive levelling work at the Tauranga Crossing development as just one example, and the addition of Bush Hammer tooling to create beautiful outdoor anti slip finishes.

The Grindking team have comprehensive experience across all areas of concrete grinding, polishing and sealing. GrindKing is well equipped with the latest industry leading machinery and technique, and we have the manpower to take on jobs of any scale.

So whether it be a high end residential interior floor polish, a mammoth warehouse floor, or a small rebate fix up you’re after, Grindking can help you out.